Profold, Inc.

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What We Do

Profold Machine Shop

Profold is a systems integrator for the mail and card finishing industries. Our systems are modular and design for transporting, labeling, stamp affixing, accumulating, folding, sorting, sealing, and feeding of either mail or paper/plastic cards.

Profold manufactures, integrates, markets and services a full range of finishing equipment that serve the following industries:

  • Card personalization systems for card finishers
  • Drop-on-Demand printers for printing on mail for mailers
  • Drop-on-Demand printers for paper or plastic card finishers
  • Gift card or loyalty card manufacturing companies
  • Credit card manufacturing companies
  • Pre-paid telephone card manufacturing companies
  • Ticket, tag and label manufacturing companies
  • Printing companies
  • Binderies
  • Mailing, letter shop and presort processing companies
  • Packaging industries
  • Healthcare, medical, utility and credit union billing consolidators
  • Financial and banking industries
  • In plant mail and document processing centers
  • United States Postal Service
  • OEM manufacturers

Profold provides fully integrated systems as well as modular products that are designed to compliment one another. Systems are designed to meet a customer's immediate requirement and capability can be added in the future without loss of your initial investment.


Our card systems, mail systems and products are the result of a total solution process shared with our customers and prospects. This process includes an extensive analysis of your needs now and going into the future.

A comment we frequently hear from people who talk to us is - "We didn't know you could do that!" Solving your unique mailing and card personalization requirements is Profold's mission.


Our customers are our partners. From the moment we begin working with you until we find a practical solution to your needs, we keep an open dialog.

Profold, Inc.

Our products embrace high tech features designed to make our products & systems easier to operate and more reliable. The benefit to our customers is greater automation, less training with superior productivity greater speed and flexibility on the floor - which translates positively to your bottom line.

The Company With Big Ideas

By some standards Profold is a medium size company. But our vision is big. We are not restricted to cookie cutter answers like our competitors. Large corporations cannot afford to be innovative, don't encourage risk-taking in their culture and aren't equipped to move quickly. Profold has a 20,000 sq./ft/ machine shop that can quickly accommodate many custom applications and technical engineers that understand system integration for in-line processes. Call us for details on how we can help. 1-800-770-3653

The Company You Stay With

Our current customers include some of the biggest names in the mail and card personalization industry. Our OEM division is strong and growing. Our dealer base is selective and tightly controlled to maintain the highest levels of service and product knowledge.

We invite you to visit our facility and meet with us to discuss your individual applications. We will work with you to make the pieces fit. The only missing piece is you.