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Finding Total Solutions For Your Mailing, Folding and Card Finishing Needs

Since 1982, Profold Inc., has been serving the equipment needs of the mail and card finishing industries throughout the United States. Over the years we have built a strong reputation of being able to develop unique, customized systems for our customers, by putting together practical, innovative solutions for each customer's specific needs.

We learned early on that every customer's situation is different and each one had unique needs that were specific to their particular application. This is why we developed a philosophy of working closely with each and every customer to thoroughly understand exactly what they need to accomplish.

The first thing we do with each and every customer we have is to sit down with them, examine their equipment needs and design a real and complete solution based on what we find. We call this our “Total Solution Process” and it includes an extensive analysis of the needs of each business, not only now but going into the future. Each system and product we put together for each customer is the result of this extensive total solution process we have undergone with our customers and prospects.

A Focus On Your Future Growth

We strive to design integrated systems that will not only serve your needs right away but will be easily expandable and allow you to have your equipment grow with you. All of our mailing, folding and card finishing equipment is modular in design, allowing us to put together integrated systems that are easily expanded by adding on higher capacity components to the base units.

This modular design concept allows our customers to grow with their business, without having to replace their original equipment with expensive new equipment, therefore losing their initial investment. When you need more intelligence or capacity, in most cases, our systems will allow you to simply add-on more intelligence or capacity to your system to keep up with the increase in demand.

Profold's High-Quality Mailing, Folding and Card Finishing Equipment

As a systems integrator for the mail and card finishing industries, we specialize in offering systems that are modular and designed for transporting, labeling, stamp affixing, inserting, accumulating, folding, sorting, sealing and feeding of either mail or paper/plastic cards. Here's a look at our line of mailing, folding and card finishing equipment:

Card Personalization Systems for card finishers

We offer the ProTech CPS as well as our own Gift Card System and a full line of CPS systems from the CPS 1000 to our Basic, Magnetic and Vision systems.

Magnetic Encoding Modules

We have two high-quality Magnetic Encoding Modules for encoding paper or plastic cards, our Secure Accurate Modular Magnetic Encoder (SAMME) and our Dual SAMME.

Drop-on-Demand printers for paper or plastic card finishers

Our Drop-on-Demand inkjet printers are the perfect solution for paper or plastic card finishers offering high quality, modular design and super quick and easy setup. Both the DOD and DOD 300 printers produce high-quality text, barcodes and graphics, without any volatile chemicals or strong chemical smells.

Mail Processing Systems

We offer two robust systems for your mail processing needs, the GPS 4000 Graphic Processing System and the Pro-Jet Addressing System. Both systems offer numerous modular options you can add for even more productivity.

Folding Machines

We offer a line of 6 high-quality folding machines to handle any size operation from the largest to smaller jobs. Both the Model 4040 and 4055 feature our "No-Set-Gap-Set" technology, which automatically adjust for product thickness and fold form changes.

Accumulator Folding Machines

We have different models of high-quality accumulator/folding machines. Our Model “The Hurricane” for offline or inline with inserter offers the read capability of all codes for accumulation and intelligence, and Model 216 folding machines all feature our patented, proprietary "Prothane" fold rollers that have no affinity to laser or copier toner, providing a much longer service life.

Feeder/Transport/Sorting Equipment

With our MF50 mail feeder, AT50 Air Transport Base and TS50 Tray Sorter, we have a complete solution for any and all of your Feeder/Transport/Sorting needs.


Our RSC or Rapid Spool Change Tabber features two tab spools, thereby reducing the time that is required to change spools and providing an additional spool of tabs. This allows the operator virtually "continuous" tab placement and can produce up to 30,000 (single tab) pieces per hour. The Profold Linx Pro is the affordable tabber which has been in the field for over 8 years successfully. Profold offers the Head-Foot tabbing system to accomplish the new regulations for USPS.

Custom Products

We offer various custom products, one of which we designed for and is used widely by the USPS. Banks use our FPS 2000 Financial Processing Systems for confidential documents such as insufficient funds, late payment and overdraft notices. Our USPS Tabbing System is used by the USPS to process un-tabbed mail. Finally there is our innovative new six feet long variable speed conveyor.

The Mail and Card Finishing Industries

Profold Inc. manufactures, integrates, markets and services a full range of finishing equipment that serve the following industries.

  • Card personalization systems for card finishers
  • Drop-on-Demand printers for printing on mail for mailers
  • Drop-on-Demand printers for paper or plastic card finishers
  • Gift card or loyalty card manufacturing companies
  • Credit card manufacturing companies
  • Pre-paid telephone card manufacturing companies
  • Ticket, tag and label manufacturing companies
  • Printing companies
  • Binderies
  • Mailing, letter shop and presort processing companies
  • Packaging industries
  • Healthcare, medical, utility and credit union billing consolidators
  • Financial and banking industries
  • In plant mail and document processing centers
  • United States Postal Service
  • OEM manufacturers

Profold Inc., provides fully integrated systems as well as modular products that are designed to compliment one another. Systems are designed to meet a customer's immediate requirements and increased capacities and capability can be added in the future.

If you are in any of these industries, be sure and give us a call today to schedule an appointment and see how Profold Inc., can help take your business to the next level, now and into the future!